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About Us


Our School

A school meant for this Millennium pacing ahead with time in all style and glory. Aiming high as the name suggests to groom children from age  3 to 15 with all the required skills up their sleeves , which makes them future ready to face the challenges of life head long. A holistic center of creative learning that appreciates the universal truth that each child is an individual and is different from the rest.

We do not believe in the maxim that one size fits all. Rather we aim to stoke the individuality of your child and desire to be a prop that caters to help your child to realize his true call and help him in all ways, to come out with flying colors. Instilling the right life skills to enhance the quality of life is our vision. To be a place where each child finds his mooring,under the supervision, guidance and love of our highly skilled teachers your child will be in a home away from home.

As a preschool is a stepping stone in the life of a 2 and a half year old child. Who for the very first time in his life is out, away from his mother’s eyes and the safe haven so far from his home. Understanding this we have a pre-primary that is secure and child safe and is under continuous surveillance of a number of cameras, Teachers and aunties upholding the ethos of safety first.

We offer a class environment which is socially friendly, academically up to the mark, sporty, culturally rich and tailored for the needs of your child. School is the first step of your child into the world. To make it wonderful ensure you choose the right school. We do everything to trigger your child’s imagination, curiosity, aptitude, intelligence, compassion, empathy, creativity, social skills, and language skills. In our futuristic classrooms with interactive boards, audio-visual rooms, creativity corners, modular seating for learning and appropriate seating arrangements for meals. We also offer extra-curricular activities like dance classes, Music, football, cricket, hockey and more.

We offer the best from the rest!


  • Smart Classrooms
  • School bus with tracking facility
  • Invertor Power backup
  • Smart ID cards
  • Fire Safety Compliant
  • Smart and well trained teaching staff
  • Complete surveillance of the school premises under CCTV system.