Our Programs

To bring out the best in every child, The Millennium Play School activities consists of fun filled, entertaining, knowledge intensive learning activities like storytelling, role play, recitation, hand painting, clay molding, puppet show, field trips, story yoga, arts and crafts, stage exposure, memory game etc which makes the kids play, learn and grow. Letts see about Little Millennium play school program courses. The Millennium School consist of four program levels: Developing roots, Emerging Wings, Ready to Flyl, Ready to 2. Let’s see in detail.

Developing roots/ Playgroup

Admission age for The Millennium Playgroup 2 to 3 years. To overcome separation anxiety kids are given special care and attention and the make them involving in fun — filled activities to match up their growing desires.

Emerging Wings Nursery

Admission age for The Millennium Nursery is 3 to 4 years. Here the children learn to speak and the write alphabets, speak simple sentences. to encourage their creativity story telling sessions and the circle time sessions will be conducted. Role play and the group games make them know more about themselves and the others in the them.

Ready to Fly I/Lower IG

Admission age of The Millennium lower kindergarten is 4 to 5 years. This program helps the children to the next level of socio — emotional development. Here the kids are encouraged to read and the write long vowels, blending, rhyming, comprehension. At this level, 2nd language is also introduced to them. Participating in games and the other activities helps them to interact with others.

Ready to Fly I ll Upper KG

Admission age of The Millennium School Upper Kindergarten 5 to 6 years. This Program helps the children for formal schooling, here they learn addition and the subtraction, ascending and descending. Learn about ordinal and cardinal numbers etc: This level helps them to a smooth transition to higher level.